Acts - How the THEN affects the NOW

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(Apr. 18 - May 2, 2021)

Throughout the last year we have woven this study from the book of Acts into our schedule, continually revisiting this as we work our way throught the year.  This series is the continuation of the series we started in January (20/20 in 2020).  Since we started 2020 thing have been chaotic to say the least.  The Corona Virus Pandemic (COVID-19) has impacted us in ways we never imagined.  The Shelter in Place order (Stay at Home) has prevented us from meeting in person.  However, there are many similarities between the situations we find ourselves in today, versus the founding of the early church.  We invite you to join (on-line) us as we investigate how the events in the first century relate to our church's life in 2020.  During this final session we will be looking at the Apostle Paul's third missionary journey as we wrap up this study in the book of Acts.