of or pertaining to relations; of or relating to kinship; characterized or constituted by relationships

Relationships are what life is all about.  God is Love and God is Light and the greatest light (truth) He shines is that He loves us and wants a never-ending relationship with us.

Think about that…God, the creator of everything we know…the One who starts and sustains life…wants a relationship with me.  And He would do everything it took to make that happen!  Leave heaven…become human…live life like us…die for us…only to live again…because He’s God…because He loves!

Relationships are about friendship, family, community.  All the best things in life are connected to relationships. 

That’s why CBC values relationships as much as we do.  We value it that way God does. 

The truth (light) is…loving God and loving each other is the greatest life we can live.