[ree-uhl, reel]
genuine; not counterfeit, artificial, or imitation; authentic: 
reaantique; real diamond; real silk.

At Community Bible Church we passionately pursue being real.

Being real is simply being yourself.  Feeling comfortable enough to be the real you and knowing that is judgment from those around you, just accep­tance.

Being real includes our strengths and struggles...our beauties and blemishes.  It includes knowing and being known by others...warts and all.  It does not include faking or putting up a front or even the need for it.

Some come to our church hurting.  Some come hardened.  Some come searching.  Some come confused.  Some come to us with great passion.  Some come with hope...some come utterly hopeless.  We just want them to them­selves...and know they are real person to another.

Words like “authentic” and “transparent” have been used to try and describe what it means to be real.  Good words that point in the right direction but we like the word real.  It’s simple, easy to understand.  It’s earthy and relatable.  It’s what we value at CBC

You be you and I’ll be me.  That’s real...that’s CBC!